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Thanks to my association with the Army, I've had the privilege of calling various corners of the U.S. home. From the sunny shores of Florida to the historic landscapes of Maryland and the rolling hills of Kentucky, my journey has been  woven with diverse equine experiences. Currently, I hang my hat in El Paso, Texas, where the vast desert landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop for my equine adventures.

My love affair with horses began long before I could fully immerse myself in the equestrian world. It wasn't until 2014 that I took the plunge, starting my journey by volunteering at a horse rescue. Surrounded by the grace and resilience of these magnificent animals, I found my true calling – telling the equestrian story through the lens of my camera.

I met my heart horse Dinero at an equine therapy barn in Kentucky. He's an opinionated, sassy guy and it was love at first pinned ears.  


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No matter what you do, from a hobbyist, to a cattle rancher, to an Olympian, your passion shines through. 

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It's time to relax and have some fun.  Plus, my assistants do some pretty silly things to get "happy ears"

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It's better than Romeo & Juliet - it's you and your horse. 

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Whether it's your barn or an epic location, we'll work some magic together.

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