You + Your HOrse = Story of a lifetime

Like you, I have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of my pets on my phone.  But what stops me in my tracks is the professional photos that I have of them gracing my walls and my coffee table.  

Photographs are images with so many emotions stored in them.  I'm here to help you celebrate the connection between you and your four-legged best friend (or 5, I'm not here to judge). 

I'm a hopeless romantic - I fall in love with every animal I meet.  That's probably why I've ended up with 4 cats and a horse.  

My education in photography got started in 2009 when I joined the Army as a combat cameraman.  I got to spend a year in Afghanistan photographing the war and getting yelled at for touching the animals.  

I fell in love with equine photography when I started volunteering at a horse rescue after my deployment.  I took any chance I could to get a horse in front of my lens.  

I didn't get serious about equine photography as a business until 2020, a few years after I was medically retired and had the chance to really invest in my education.  

Now I'm located in El Paso, Texas with my husband and two sons, with the best job in the world - photographing passionate equestrians and the horses they love. 

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