You + Your HOrse = Story of a lifetime

I'm a lifelong horse-crazy person, but I wasn't fully immersed in the horse world until I returned from my deployment to Afghanistan as a Combat Cameraman in 2012.  I began volunteering at a horse rescue and it was the most natural thing for me to combine my love of visual storytelling and horses.  I fell hard for the plainest bay Standardbred, a 40 year-old grouch named Brocca.  It was love at pinned ears.  Unfortunately he passed in 2018 and all I have are cell phone photos of us together. 

Brocca inspired me to give others what I missed out on - gorgeous photos of our time together worthy of life-sized prints.  

I was medically retired from the Army in 2017 and joined my husband in Kentucky.  In 2019, I started volunteering at Equine Assisted Transitions and once again fell in love with a grumpy bay gelding (notice a trend there?) named Dinero.  He was gifted to me in 2021 and I don't think I could love a horse any more than I do with this sassy guy.  

There's nothing I love more than capturing those quiet moments of connection between horses and their people - the booping of noses and hugging of faces that happens between poses.  

Photography sessions aren't just about the time and money put into them - they're an emotional investment in preserving memories that will remain long after your horse passes.  

They are a way to capture the spunky, sassy, wise, amazing soul that has captured your heart.  

I can't wait to meet you and your horse and make new friends out west!

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