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Discover the heartwarming tale of Blake, a 21-year-old senior horse who defies age and continues to excel as a roping horse.

19 Over 19

November 29, 2023

19 Over 19: Blake

Meet Chicken Nugget, the second equine star of the 19 Over 19 Project. Rescued from a dire case of starvation, Chicken Nugget now thrives as a beacon of hope and healing, offering solace to those in need through trauma rehabilitation.

19 Over 19, Fine Art Sessions, Horse & Rider Connection Session

October 31, 2023

19 Over 19: Chicken Nugget

The heartwarming tale of Tequilia, a petite black and white Tennessee Walking Horse.

19 Over 19, Fine Art Sessions

October 6, 2023

19 Over 19: Tequilia

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