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El Paso County Sheriff’s Posse | West Texas Equine Photographer

February 24, 2022

I’ve briefly heard of extreme cowboy races, but this past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to document one. I reached out to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Posse to see if they would allow me to photograph their race. I had been missing the photojournalistic adrenaline rush that I get photographing combat and rodeos.

I got to witness a beautiful example of camaraderie as cowboys and cowgirls called out the next obstacles for their competitors. I heard shouts of encouragement and cries of happiness for one another. I saw amazing displays of horsemanship as they attempted new obstacles and worked with their horses to overcome them.

Check out some photos of their hard work and dedication:

If you’re interested in purchasing photos from the extreme cowboy race, check out the gallery links below.

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