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How do you find the right equine photographer for you? By researching and asking questions! This blog post has 5 important questions to ask your photographer.

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August 29, 2022

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Equine Photographer

Tips and tricks on how to take care of your printed artwork – from standard prints to acrylic prints, metal prints, to canvas prints.

Wall Art & Albums

July 20, 2022

How to Take Care of Your Printed Artwork

Holiday photos with an equestrian twist. Here’s how you can get ready to shoot your own holiday wreath session.

Tips and Tricks

September 5, 2021

6 Tips to Rock Your Holiday Wreath Photos

This is a concern that many of my clients bring up during their session planning call. It’s perfectly normal! In this blog, I have some tips on how to potentially prevent your horse from acting up and what we can do if it does end up happening.

Tips and Tricks

May 17, 2021

What to Do if Your Horse Misbehaves at Your Photo Session | El Paso Equine Photographer

Size matters when it comes to putting your artwork on your walls. See the differences in print sizes and how I help my clients figure out what works for their homes!

Tips and Tricks

May 4, 2021

Size Matters – Printing | West Texas Equine Photographer

Fine Art Sessions (also known as black background sessions) are the perfect way to showcase the beauty of your horse and get some seriously amazing wall art. I absolutely love the creativity that they inspire. There are a few things you should know prior to your Fine Art Session – grooming your horse, getting your horse mentally prepared for the session, cleaning the entryway, enlisting help, and letting stress go.

Tips and Tricks

April 26, 2021

5 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Fine Art Session | West Texas Equine Photographer