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What is a Gallery Reveal? | El Paso, TX Equine Photographer

On the Investment page of my website, I mention that each collection comes with a range of photos that are presented at your Gallery Reveal. But what does that mean? Is it something extra that you pay for? No! Gallery Reveals are complimentary and I feel that they add way more to my experience than just sending my clients a link to look through. It can be overwhelming looking at all of those photos, trust me.

My Gallery Reveals are done over Zoom and together, we can go over your photos and you can pick your favorites. I love seeing my client’s reactions when they see their photos for the first time! There’s tears, laughter, and a lot of excitement.

Photograph of a woman wearing a pink dress posed in front of a chestnut horse.  They are both standing in front of backlight spanish moss dangling from a tree.

Using software made specifically for photographers, I can help my clients decide what photographs to put on their walls and how to design groupings to go on their walls. We can also design the perfect album together – from how the photos are arranged to designing the color and whether they want to go with luxurious leather or deluxe bookcloth.

Are you already itching for your own Gallery Reveal?

June 6, 2021

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