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The Heart Horse Project | Mary & Mowgli

Meet the second team for the Heart Horse Project: Mary and Tara’s Motown, aka Mowgli. They have been working together for almost a year now. Mowgli is a stunning Morgan gelding and I was surprised to find out that he’s 22 – his heart is definitely much younger!

When I asked Mary how she found him, she said that Mowgli, she said that he found her. She had been searching for a trail horse for a few years. They met in September and are close to celebrating their first anniversary working together as a team!

Mowgli does best on the trail, though they also show together for fun. Although it’s her first year showing English, Mowgli makes her look like a seasoned pro. I have the pictures to prove it.

Mary officially got started with horses in 2020, though she grew up around horses and took lessons off and on throughout her life. “It’s not a phase”, she states. She’s right – it’s a lifelong obsession.

I asked Mary how she felt being around her horse and she responded, “Resilient. Being with him makes me feel at peace, and finding strength in vulnerability. They are just trying to make sense of living in our anthropomorphic world, and it goes to show how much they care. I feel my happiest when I see him happy.”

The first time she saw him, she was moved by how vibrant his presence was. She was mesmerized.

How did she know that Mowgli was her heart horse? “I want to say I knew since I first saw him but I didn’t truly acknowledge it until about a month of getting to know each other. I saw a lot of myself in him, and both of us learning and healing from our past traumas. Learning from horses is a lifelong journey that I am so grateful that he accepts me in his presence. We seem to understand each other on a genuine level.”

Her favorite thing about Mowgli is hearing him nicker when it’s feeding time or when they’re working together. She loves hearing him be vocal. He’s a very expressive horse – from his kind eyes, his little ears, to his soft nose, they’re all her favorite things about him. “There’s nothing like seeing your horse being excited to engage with you.” I 100% agree. Nothing gets the heart fluttering like an excited nicker when they realize that you’re at the barn.

July 7, 2022

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