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Take the Dang Photo

Take the dang photo.

Warning: long sentimental post ahead.

This is something that I’ve regretted since Brocca, my first heart horse, passed away in 2018 from colic. While I had a ton of professional photos of just him, I only had cell phone photos of us together.

The first day of the new year started out promising – 70 degrees with sunshine. I quickly grabbed my Baltic Born (affiliate link, you get 15% off of your order) dress and drove up to Equine Assisted Transitions for an impromptu session with one of my favorite horses at the barn.

Naturally, this was the day that Dinero chose to become a Kentucky mud goblin. By the time we were both polished and looking like domesticated creatures, the warm sunshine had shifted into freezing winds and an overcast sky. It didn’t matter – I still got photos with my favorite non-therapy therapeutic horse. Fortunately, my husband learned photography through our old Army unit and osmosis and was able to capture a few gems and a ton of bloopers.

This was something that I had put off for months – ever since I found out we were moving. I suck at saying goodbye. But it was worth it. I now have a gorgeous photo of my favorite peppermint pirate that I will cherish forever.

This is a reminder to clean up your horse, put on something that makes you feel awesome, and take the dang picture. Give your insecurities the finger and love on your horse. It’s absolutely worth it.

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January 8, 2021

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