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Why I Believe You Need Professional Photos With Your Horse | West Texas Equine Photographer

I have a whole rant posted on Take the Dang Photo. I strongly believe in getting professional photos done with your horse as an equestrian, not just an equine photographer. I have had horses that I loved dearly and regret not having photos outside of field selfies with. Professionals are, well, pros at being able to tell the story of you and your horse in photographs. As much as we wish otherwise, our horses will not outlive us. You are investing in yourself and your horse. Plus, you get some really cool, custom artwork to hang in your home.

Professionals Get It

We are in this profession because we love horses, too. Honestly, many of us got started down this path because we lost a heart horse and have nothing but cell phone photos of them. We want to give you what we missed out on. Chances are, you’re not going to print off your cell phone pictures. And if you do, they’re going to make small prints.

With a professional, you’ll get these images that are so, so beautiful of you and your horse. You’ll be asking “is that ME?”. You can print them HUGE. You can have photos of your horse all throughout the house so you won’t miss them as much when you can’t make it to the barn.

You don’t realize how small 5x7s or 8x12s are until you compare them to a glorious 30×40. Plus, there are tons of different materials to print on. Go ahead, ask me about my box o’ samples.

They Don’t Live Forever

As much as we wish otherwise, our horses won’t live forever. Soon, all you’ll have left is memories. This is why it’s so important to document your time together. Going back through the photos and sharing them with your loved ones is so special. You can relive that moment again and again.

We do it for the people we care about, why not the horses, too?

You Are Investing in Yourself and Your Horse

To quote my other blog post: “This is a reminder to clean up your horse, put on something that makes you feel awesome, and take the dang picture. Give your insecurities the finger and love on your horse. It’s absolutely worth it.” Your horse is worth it. YOU are worth it.

April 4, 2021

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